Low Cost Internet

Getting low cost internet can be somewhat confusing at times.  Currently, if you qualify, you can receive discounted internet service from Comcast, CenturyLink, and Clearwire (Via Freedom POP or Mobile Citizen).  You may wonder what the difference is technically.

Comcast has the best speed both uploaded and down.  This service is normally available anywhere you have their TV or phone service.

CenturyLink would be the next best thing to get, since they are a DSL provider.  Even if you have phone service with CenturyLink, you may not be able to get service or fast speeds.

Clearwire: Working with both Freedom POP and Mobile Citizen, you’re able to get a broadband connection that works even if Comcast and CenturyLink cannot.  It is important to know that speeds and connectivity with wireless providers can be sporadic.

All three of the providers limit your speed if you sign up for their low cost internet but if you only need to browse the web checking email and such,  this is well worth it.