TechTip: Password Management

If you’re like me, you have a password for this and a password for that. With most password security you’re forced to change your password once every 45 to 90 days, have eight characters or more with one being a symbol, one a number, and one being a capitalization. Today there are many password systems that you can use to store your passwords. Your main challenge, normally, is the ability wherever you are to access that password you desperately need.

Having a password format for yourself is helpful so that you can remember your password but others can’t.

Play with Words
If your favorite food is a banana, your password can be B@n@Na82013. This is a strong password and it’s hard for others to figure out but easy for you to remember. How?
You make sure the “B” and “N” in the word is always capitalized and your first two “a’s” are replaced with the “@” sign. Now the numbers is easy — just the current month and year. When it is time to change your password you only have to change the month and year to reflect the current month.
Doing this allows you to know you need to only change the month, if you forget.

To make this more complex you can use even months the word “B@n@Na” and odd months can you “@pPle” or something like that.

Another way you can have a strong password is by spelling the month out and the year at the end like @uguestBanana2013 and when you change it the next month or month after use $eptemberBanana2013. Now I know this is a long password but it helps keep your password strong, unique and most of all easy for you to remember.