Making online connections for your job search

You probably have a number of people who are willing to share job announcements when they see them.  Have you thought about moving those connections online?  While employers are looking for you, they also want to see who you know and how they may already be connected with you.  They often do this to see if you will be a good “fit” for their employment “family.”  We often spend more time at work than anywhere else, so a good fit is important and one way to see this is through your online connections.

Many people are using, to network online.  Here you can post your profile information, which includes past jobs, your photo, and your interest areas both personal and professional.  You can also connect to others through your email accounts and encourage them to endorse your skills, while you endorse theirs.

Here are few extra steps you can take to help you successfully build an online network:

  • Create an email signature with a link to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media tools you use to connect with others.
  • Build your network by inviting your email contacts to connect with you through LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Keep communicating with the connections you make. Networking is a two-way street, both online and offline.

Interested in more tips for making online connections?  Visit for more information and resources for your online job search.