Enable power saving mode when battery is dying

As you may have noticed, smartphones and tablets use a lot of power, and their batteries only last a few hours.  This, at times, leaves you searching for a power outlet. And that only works  if you remembered to bring your power cord.

If you have an iPhone, you can also save your battery life. Here is a link that will show you 26 ways to help you conserve your battery life.

If you have an Android phone, you can simply select the “power saving mode” that is part of the drop down menu when you slide the menu to the left. Just turn it on and it will instantly throttle things down to use the least amount of power. This includes turning off haptic feedback, the vibration your phone does when things happen. It throttles the CPU of the device to be gentler on the battery. Lastly, it reduces the frame rate of the screen and lowers the brightness, since the display is the worst offender.

Warning: It is best not to plug your phone directly into your computer.  Today’s malware can be transferred from your computer to your phone when you do.  If you plan to do this it is best to make sure both your phone as well as the computer you’re connecting to have malware software as well as an antivirus on it.