Farewell Brainstorm, welcome SeattleIT

This is our final edition of Brainstorm and start of changes to the Community Technology Program. We will still be sharing digital equity and city resources, success stories and events, but in a different form and more timely manner. This week, the City launched the new SeattleIT department and a new web site to go with it. Seattle.gov/tech is now the new department site and a new presentation of our services. We are retooling our web content and communications to integrate with our new web site design and channels. Community Technology is also becoming Digital Equity as we “modernize” our language and program focus.

We have been publishing Brainstorm monthly for 15 years, updating all on community technology issues. We’re proud to have been able to collect and deliver a treasure chest of community info, tech tips, learning resources and more. Our deep thanks to D.H. Cass Magnuski, who has been our Brainstorm editor and designer.