October 2012

Winners of the Evergreen Apps Challenge

Congratulations to the winners!

Ready to bookmark and load some exciting tools? Watch out for Which Bus, Living Voters Guide, Trash Backwards, Alike, Seattle Rainwatch, and Food Inspector! These new civic apps were chosen from twenty finalists in the first Evergreen Apps Challenge.

Mayor Mike McGinn and King County Executive Dow Constantine joined judges, developers and Conrad Saam of Urban Spoon at City Hall to celebrate the winners and award $75,000 in pizes. See more about the awards and contest. Take a look at the winners and links to the awesome apps.

Communities Connect News

New training materials are available from Communities Connect Network (CCN) training program site. Materials are posted from Financial Fitness: Financial Tips and Tools for Case Managers, Credit Reports and Scores, and Using the Self-sufficiency calculator. Budget templates, credit reports requests and other tools are included there.

The Northwest Justice Project also released its latest video funded through the CCN project. Washington’s Fair Tenant Screening Act is also available in Spanish.

Open Doors for Multicultural Families and the STAR Center partnered to create aYouth Job Readiness Training program. See more about this program.

Living Voters’ Guide Now Available

City Club and the University of Washington have pioneered a community-generated online voters’ guide on statewide ballot measures and initiatives. Its purpose is to foster voter education, deliberation and civil discourse in uncivil times. Used by nearly 25,000 state voters over two election cycles, Living Voters Guide offers promise as a tool to promote digital democracy and elicit broad public input for policy development.

The Living Voters Guide invites all Washingtonians to discuss vital ballot measures together, to explore one another’s positions, and to build a personal, customized platform that will inform their final votes. This voters’ guide is co-created by everyone who participates. It evolves as you and neighbors across our state consider the trade offs for each measure.

Available on the 2012 Living Voters Guide for dicussion are:

  • Referendum 74: Same-sex Marriage
  • Initiative 1240: Charter Schools
  • Initiative 502: Marijuana Legalization
  • Initiative 1185: 2/3 Majority for Tax Increase
  • Joint Resolution 8221: State Debt
  • Joint Resolution 8223: University Investments
  • Advisory Vote 1: Deducations for Banks
  • Advisory Bote 2: Petroleum Tax Extension

WAVE/broadstripe Internet-Only? Check Your Account

If you are a Wave (formerly Broadstripe) Internet-only customer, read on. This may apply to you.

Under Broadstripe’s service packages, customers who wanted Internet-only service were automatically coded to receive limited basic cable television service as well, at no additional cost. However, under Wave’s account structure, an Internet-only service option is available and it is not packaged with limited basic cable television service.

During the account transition from Broadstripe to Wave, this difference has resulted in some Broadstripe customers – who only use the Internet service – now also being charged for limited basic cable television service or a “Seattle TV Station Fee.”

If you fall into this category and do not want or use the basic cable television service packaged into your original Broadstripe account, contact Wave customer service at (800) 829-2225 and be sure your account is updated to reflect the Internet-only service. It could save you money!

Comcast Digital Transition Update

The September Brainstorm announced Comcast’s initiative to convert to all digital signals. The conversion is expected to only impact customers with older televisions and who are subscribers to Comcast’s Limited Basic cable service.

For the Seattle area, this digital transition is planned to happen in three phases:

  1. Greenlake area was converted to fully digital on September 25.
  2. West Seattle, Downtown, Georgetown and South Seattle are expected to convert on October 30.
  3. Remainder of Seattle areas are expected to convert on January 22, 2013.

For more detailed information on this digital transition, visit Comcast’s overview of the effort, or contact the City’s Office of Cable Communications at (206) 684-8498.

Singing for Tech Literacy and Education

Grammy nominated neo-soul singer Dwele joined local Musica Entertainment host Tony Benton for a guest appearance at Aki Kurose Middle School in south Seattle to talk tech, entertainment and education. TonyB revved everyone up with cheers of “Access, Literacy and Content,” the themes of digital equity. He emphasized the need for low-income residents and people of color to get online, not fall behind. Dwele shared how he uses the Internet to exchange songs in progress and benefits from the lower cost opportunities to get the word out about his music and videos. He also posts to Instagram to stay in touch with fans. Dwele was in Seattle appearing at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. Dwele won a lot a new fans with an encore performance of his singing with backup dancing from Aki’s students.


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